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whould you appreciate an English manual for REDAXO?

Yes, I do.
No, I don't.
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question: english manual desired

9. Jun 2008, 12:58

Hey everybody!

Would you appreciate an English manual for REDAXO?
Because of being bored all the time I started translating
it into English. Actually, I have not finished translating it
but I think it will be finalised in about one or two weeks.
Untill now I have already translated the first chapter ("First
Steps") but I am not sure whether I should finish it (I do
not want to translate it if I do not have to :D).


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16. Jun 2008, 20:12

If you need a hand, just tell me :)

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21. Jun 2008, 23:48

oh cool, someone who wants to help me :)

but i must say that i am very busy at the moment so i am not able to translate it during the next four weeks (next week i have to pack my bags for the sweden holidays the three weeks after next week^^)

anyone else who wants to help?

maybe we can found an english support team for redaxo.


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3. Jul 2008, 14:53


I think an english manual would be good - it is one of the main reasons that REDAXO isn't that popular outside of Germany.

However, I don't think it is totally necessary to translate everything - a lot of information could be added by english users to a special english section of the wiki.
What *would* be good is a quickstart guide just explaining what modules do and how templates work. This will let people dive in and start to play with REDAXO straight away. - I'd be happy to help out with this - or with translation suggestions.

Also: it would be quite good if the english language files would be integrated back into the Redaxo Installer Package - because there is only German there at the moment (as far as I recall).

I'll also put up my hand to be part of the english support group.


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30. Jul 2008, 21:35


yesterday I wrote an e-mail to the REDAXO Team saying that we would appreaciate an English Support Team and that English translations are - more or less - necessary so that everyone outside Germany (or other German-speaking nations) can get introduction and that to REDAXO. I haven't received any answer so far :(

If the REDAXO Team doesn't receive or says that this is not desired we can start an own ("international") website for REDAXO. This should be doable, shouldn't it?



3. Aug 2008, 16:08

I think internationalizing this project will be a hard job.
So many things have to be translatetd.
I think it will be easier to start the development from scratch as translating everything afterwards.
Concider how many sourcecode-comments have to be translatetd.

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24. Nov 2008, 13:46

An English manual for the basic redaxo functions and all would be highly appreciated!

Right now I'm writing my own little "howto" with screenshots of the parts I'm explaining for a customer in Ireland, wanted to point him to the english pages of the redaxo docu as well, but couldn't find it... ;)

btw: I wouldn't say that internationalising redaxo should be too hard.

I set up the page I'm working on in English for my customer already, using existing language packs where possible and added own translations where needed. I have to track down a few remaining German functions but I dare to say that I got 95% by now and the page is usable by English users.

One thing that would make translating a page (backend) immensely easier and thus of course help a lot with internationalizing Redaxo (it does deserve it, imho - I love working with it!) would be either a centralized lang file (maybe automatically created from the addon language files), so one doesn't have to find them all over the place, OR, even better:

An addon that allows you to see/edit the existing language files right from the backend. I think that'd be brilliant - the strong part of redaxo imho is that everything is so easily manageable in it's backend.

Defenitely this is an issue very much worth looking into for the whole future development of redaxo. :)

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24. Nov 2008, 18:38

Hi Kruge,

we thought about a tool on the redaxo website, which allows some users to edit the language files with a webfrontend.

if you have some optimization for the english language files, we would be happy to apply the changes in the next version.

also your english howtos could be placed on the redaxo website, if you are interessted in.

Thank you,
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24. Nov 2008, 18:50

A second language for the wiki would be helpful. This way content could be translated and added without creating a multilingual mess. ;)

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24. Nov 2008, 20:05

Up to now I've written "howtos" explaining some of the functions I've set up especially for that page I built, but in the next days I'll also do an explanation for all the backend main features.

Sure - when I'm done I'll be happy to share them with everyone else. :)

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Re: question: english manual desired

10. Jul 2012, 22:30

Thread is fairly old. Has an English manual been written in the meantime and if so, where can I find it? Even if you only have bits of translation, please upload them. It's better to have something than nothing at all.
If at least 5 people are interested, then I will create a video tutorial in English. Reply to this thread if you're interested. I think you agree that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to create a video and only like 2 people ever watch it. It might take me a few weeks since I can only work on that in my spare time. My pronounciation is a little poor but I can have siri read the texts aloud. What do you think?

I am looking forward to your responses.

Best regards,

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Re: question: english manual desired

4. Mär 2013, 13:13

Yes an English manual - even a basic one - would help.

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Re: question: english manual desired

10. Mär 2013, 00:28

Heya guys,
I'm on it... Trying to translate it in proper English (v. 4.3).

Well, priorities first: I will create a simple English installation manual with:
  • Installation
  • Requirements
  • Configurations
  • How to:
    • Templates
    • Modules
    • ...
And a bit more. (Approx till 3/15/13)

Greetings, Max

Update 3/10/13: Manual released here: http://www.redaxo.org/de/forum/we-speak ... ml#p104639

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